Benchmarks® for Executives

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Benchmarks® for Executives
The executive 360-degree assessment was designed for top-level executives. The assessment measures 16 competencies grouped into three categories: Leading by Personal Example, Leading Others, and Leading the Business.
The challenges faced by executives at the top levels in an organization can differ a great deal from those at the middle management level. Benchmark for Executives is a 360-degree assessment designed to address the specific leadership issues of presidents, CEOs, COOs, and executive and senior vice presidents. These individuals see their feedback data compared to an exclusive normative base of other top executives. Unlike other assessments that contain normative data encompassing all users, Benchmarks for Executives data are screened to ensure that only the very top-level leaders are included in the normative base. Feedback reports are sent to your CCL-certified facilitator, who debriefs the results with the executive in a confidential session.

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