Caribbean Island Participant Activity


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Participants respond to the following story-line: You and a group of your friends are on a sailing and scuba adventure off Tobago Island in the British West Indies. You run into a violent storm spawned at the edge of a hurricane. Your boat smashes onto the rocks, leaving you stranded on a small, uninhabited island. You have lost much of your equipment, and some of you need medical attention.
Important decisions must be made for your survival.
Participants select a survival strategy and rank the salvaged items in order of importance.
Structure of Rating: Select from 8 action alternatives and 15 salvaged items.
Focus: Consensus decision-making, teambuilding, agreeing team strategy under time pressures.
Product format: Simulation
Paricipant Activity: 8 pages
Duration: 2 to 21/2 hours
Suitable for all organization members
Authors:  Richard L. Hill and Irving R. Stubbs

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