Conflict Strategies Inventory Workbook


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Conflict is inevitable in every aspect of life. It’s an individual’s approach to coping with it that impacts the   ability to achieve a beneficial resolution.  The Conflict Strategies Inventory (CSI) is designed to address the   challenge of conflict management. As they work through 10 hypothetical workplace scenarios, participants will gain   an understanding of the five basic strategies for dealing with conflict, identify their personal conflict   management preferences and finally, take steps to apply the tactics they’ve learned in an existing or future   conflict.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the different ways in which people typically react to conflict
  • Identify one’s own preferred strategies for managing conflict
  • Gain an understanding of the five basic strategies for handling conflict
  • Create a plan for coping with future conflicts

Theory & Development
The Conflict Strategies Inventory Second Edition combines the works of Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, M. Afzalur   Rahim, and many other respected researchers in the area of conflict management. It is based on 5 conflict   strategies that are adapted from the conflict styles originally named by Mouton and Blake.
5 Conflict Strategies

  • Avoiding: Staying away from or withdrawing from a conflict.
  • Smoothing: Giving in to the other party and ignoring one’s own goals.
  • Competing: Forcing an issue to one’s own way.
  • Compromising: Giving in on one need in order to get another satisfied.
  • Integrating: Focusing on one mutually satisfying outcome.

The case studies presented are designed to address the different types of conflicts that individuals typically   encounter in the workplace.
Uses for the Product
This training tool is designed for individuals or teams who have had or are currently dealing with conflict in the   workplace. The CSI is particularly useful in management development and team-building activities prior to the   introduction of specific conflict management skills.
Other uses for the CSI:

  • Develop new approaches or solutions
  • Tackle recurrent problems
  • Clarify perceptions
  • Inspire interest and creativity
  • Challenge personal potential

How it Works
Individuals respond to 10 conflict-oriented work situations presented in the inventory. For each situation,   individuals choose 3 out of 5 strategies and rank them in order of most likely reaction to third most likely   reaction, using a pressure-sensitive form. The Participant Guide provides further insight with interpretive data   and questions for discussion. Ultimately, the CSIresults allow individuals to view their preferred strategies and   help them to consider modifying conflict strategies where appropriate.
What to Order
Order one Facilitator Guide per facilitator and one Participant Guide per participant.

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