Creating Team Synergy™ (Single-Day Program)

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Creating Team Synergy™ is a single-day training program to help teams develop the skills to improve relationships and maximize performance.
Certification is required and may be completed in one of two ways:
1. Virtual Certification via webinar.
2. In-House Certification with one of our facilitators.
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Have you ever witnessed a winning sports team or a well-rehearsed orchestra and felt the commitment and energy the team demonstrated? What you saw was more than just teamwork — it was team synergy, a phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts.  Give your team the opportunity to experience that phenomenon with Creating Team Synergy™, a complete one-day program.
Focal Points

  • Provides sense of team direction
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities
  • Minimizes (or eliminates) blockages to maximum performance
  • Bolsters interpersonal as well as inter-team relationships

Key Benefits

  • Pinpoints team’s current level of development
  • Identifies blockages to maximum performance
  • Defines criteria for meaningful mission, vision, and goal statements
  • Identifies team member communication styles


  • Who Should Attend: Intact groups or teams at all levels
  • Group Size: 6 or more participants
  • Duration: 1 day or 2 half-days
  • Cost of Materials: $125/per participant


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