Cross-Cultural Communications 2.0™ (Single-Day Program)

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Cross-Cultural Communications 2.0™ is a single-day training program to develop skills for adjusting communication styles, technology, work styles, and leadership for geographical distance and cultural difference.
Certification is required and may be completed in one of two ways:
1. Virtual Certification via webinar.
2. In-House Certification with one of our facilitators.
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The intersection of distance and culture in today’s workplace creates a need to match type of communication, leadership style and technology to the needs and nuances of differing cultures. For both leaders and teams, achieving alignment and productivity requires attention to these factors. Cross-Cultural Communications 2.0™ will help participants understand critical dimensions of culture and use of communications technology in different cultures.
Focal Points

  • Identifies tools for adjusting communication processes, work styles and leadership for cultural differences specific to workplace
  • Provides insights to understanding specific experiences of multi-cultural challenges
  • Enables increased confidence in working effectively with colleagues from different cultures

Key Benefits

  • Explores protocols for creating rapport, making well-informed decisions, and gaining commitment in a multi-cultural virtual environment
  • Analyzes impact of culture on common types of communication technology, such as email and teleconferences
  • Provides an understanding of consequences associated with ignoring cultural differences


  • Who Should Attend: Team leaders and members who rely on technology in order to communicate and complete tasks successfully
  • Group Size: 6 or more participants
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Cost of Materials: $125/per participant


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