Diversity Works


Diversity Works

Complete Game Kit


The need for businesses to create an inclusive environment and support workplace diversity is more important than ever. Diversity Works is an interactive exploration into diversity awareness that leverages the science of learning to create opportunities for conversations that matter.

Diversity Works is a detailed workshop designed to get adult learners out of their seats and into station-based activities catered to distinct learning preferences, interaction types, and technology options. Part experiential, part social, and part emotional, the Diversity Works learning style model encourages learners to explore and absorb content at their speed and direction. It puts learners in the best position to succeed.

How It Works

Diversity Works is a hands-on workshop bringing awareness of diversity and inclusion concepts to your workplace. It comes with everything you need – a setup guide, Facilitator’s Guide, and the activity and participant materials – all in one convenient box. Activity stations are set up around the room for learners to decide which learning activities they want to participate in during the workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Regardless of the activities they choose, learners will achieve the same learning outcomes. Each of the activities falls under one of three learning categories:

  • Understanding self
  • Understanding others
  • Communication

Uses and Applications

Diversity Works comes in a Ready-to-Go kit prepared for you to deliver your brain-friendly, hands-on, interactive learning experience. Each kit includes materials for up to 25 participants, and extra refill kits are available.


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