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Negotiating Success™ is a training program for Deans, School Administrators, Faculty, and Junior and Senior Students that helps develop skills to become a negotiator. Certification is required and must be completed, in-house, by one of our OLS-EDU facilitators. Contact us today for a total-cost proposal based on your specific needs.
Negotiations, especially in educational relationships, involve two critical factors: the outcome and the relationship that exists between the negotiators. In an increasingly fast-paced and competitive school marketplace, leaders cannot afford to jeopardize either factor.
Negotiating Success™ through OLS-EDU is a gimmick-free program that will enable participants to acquire a fresh way of thinking in order to successfully reach a “win-win” agreement through negotiations and communications.
Focal Points

  • Provides a collaborative discussion model for negotiating and developing success in education.
  • Assists participants in working through their personal style differences.
  • Demonstrates how to build rapport with others in and out of the educational environment.
  • Provides a creative framework for solving any negotiating problem.
  • Develops skills for quick and accurate preparation for any negotiation.

Key Benefits

  • Develops the ability to problem solve with difficult negotiators
  • Strengthens relationships and communication
  • Improves interpersonal skills needed to support a collaborative negotiating style
  • Creates a personal action plan for improving negotiating skills Information

Who Should Attend: Deans, School Administrators, Faculty, and Junior or Senior students, who show potential as future leaders in their upcoming careers.
Group Size: 4 or more participants
Duration: 2 days
Cost of Materials: $265/per participant


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