Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

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Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory
The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) evaluates a person’s ability to solve problems and make business-related decisions using textual, graphic, and quantitative data. The HBRI is the first measure of reasoning ability based on a theory of intelligence and designed exclusively to predict real-world performance.
HBRI evaluates two kinds of problems solving: tactical and strategic reasoning.

  • Tactical Reasoning: the ability to solve problems and come to sensible conclusions once the facts are known. High scorers tend to be disciplined, steady, and precise.
  • Strategic Reasoning: the ability to detect errors, gaps, and logical flaws in graphs, memos, diagrams, written reports, numerical projections, and tables of data. High scorers tend to be curious and interested in feedback.


  • 24 items representing verbal, qualitative, and graphic material
  • 25- to 30-minute average completion time
  • Designed to predict occupational success
  • Tactical vs. strategic abilities
  • For selection and leadership development
  • Developed exclusively on working adults
  • Online administration and instantaneous reporting
  • Items developed to minimize reading requirements and adverse impact
  • Based on evolutionary psychology
  • Norms based on managerial samples
  • Validated against business success criteria

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