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The Outrageously Fun Innovation Simulation

Yes, you can teach people how to be innovative.
If you don’t believe innovation is a skill that can be taught, you haven’t tried Junkyard Games. This outrageously fun simulation combines high energy and fun with creativity and process improvement to bring out the inner innovators in your audience. Even the most skeptical players will experience the concept of innovation as they plan, create, and execute their ideas. And while they’re having fun, you’ll know they’re What You Will Achieve with Junkyard Games
An excellent way to introduce the concept of innovation or energize a team, Junkyard Games can be used as a stand-alone experience or as part of a larger program.  Either way, your participants will:

  • Understand what innovation is all about – and why it’s critically important to success
  • Recognize the differences between innovation and creativity
  • Discover how to tap into their innovative talents
  • Learn an easy-to-apply innovation process model

How it Works
Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? That’s what your audience will discover when they play Junkyard Games. Representing make-believe countries, teams must dream up an innovative table-top sporting event for an international competition. First they’ll design a flag, compose a national anthem… and learn a little bit about what it means to be innovative. Then they’re set free to design, build, and even play the most original games ever imagined – using only their skills and the miscellaneous “junk” available to them. May the most innovative creation win!
Uses for the Game
Junkyard Games is effective either as a stand-alone activity or as part of a more comprehensive training program. Here are some suggested applications for the game:

  • Kick off a team-building workshop or seminar
  • Introduce the concept of innovation
  • Energize an existing team’s level of creativity for innovation
  • Practice using innovation skills in a “safe” environment

What You Get
Junkyard Games requires very little prep work from you. Use it right out of the box – the kit comes delivered with everything you need to train up to 3 teams of 4-8 people at one time. All of the parts are reusable, so you can use it over and over again. For training sessions of more than 3 groups, simply order one Extra Game Pack for each additional team.
Call our Customer Service Team at 800-633-4533. They’re available to help you determine what materials to order for your training needs.
If you are new to Junkyard Games, we highly recommend HRDQ QuickStart Training, whether you are a novice trainer or a seasoned facilitator. It’s an excellent way to quickly get up to speed on the product so you can step into your first training class with confidence.  Personalized, one-on-one telephone coaching is provided in at your convenience. Our subject matter experts will review the simulation with you, offer ideas for tailoring it to your specific needs, discuss typical participant reactions, and more.
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1.5 – 2 hours

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