Leadership Effectiveness Profile Facilitator Guide


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The Leadership Effectiveness Profile distills key themes and behavioral categories for effective leadership.
In total, eight categories are identified:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Directional clarity
  • Change orchestration
  • Reciprocal communication
  • Contextual thinking
  • Creative assimilation
  • People enablement
  • Driving persistence

These categories describe the main factors that underline effective leadership efforts in a range of different situations. Ideally, these categories should be viewed as pieces in an individual leadership jigsaw. Although no single piece makes for effective leadership, each piece works in combination with the others.
The Leadership Instrument Facilitator’s Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of how to administer the LEP and contains extensive explanatory notes on each of the eight categories. This allows facilitators to provide feedback to participants on a one-to-one basis or in a group situation. The Guide contains interactive exercises and discussion topics supported by transparency originals for reproducing.
Product format: Self-scoring questionnaire
Duration: 60 minutes. Suitable for all leaders.

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