Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory Facilitator Set


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The LLCI is based upon The 5 Best Practices of the “being” and “doing” of leadership:

1. Holder of Vision and Values
2. Creator of Collaboration and Innovation
3. Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership
4. Advocator of Differences and Community
5. Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that legacy is created by leaders, who in turn develop other leaders
  • Learn The 5 Best Practices Model and the associated 10 Critical Success Skills
  • Top 3 strengths and challenges in each of the 5 Best Practices
  • How to shift one’s thinking to serve other’s first, then oneself
  • Develop an action plan for becoming a Legacy Leader
How it Works
The LLCI is a comprehensive training package that includes a self assessment, online multi-rater assessment, workbook, and one-day workshop.
The self and multi-rater assessments evaluate leader strengths and weaknesses in the 5 Best Practices. In addition, the online multi-rater assessment provides leaders with specific information about how they are perceived by their employees, including an analysis of strong points and blind spots. Both the online self and multi-rater assessments also feature an online action planning application tool that enables leaders to identify and capture the areas they need to develop in order to improve performance.
The one-day workshop offers a comprehensive participant workbook and facilitator set, including takeaways such as a wallet reference card and trainer support materials.

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