Webinar – Managing Remote Employees


Event Date: 03/31/2020 (1:00 pm CST – 2:00pm CST)




The workforce is changing rapidly. The coronavirus has turned millions of office workers into remote employees overnight. Companies are sending workers home with laptops to keep COVID-19 from spreading through the company’s workforce. An increasing number of employees work remotely means that employers will need to adjust and learn how to manage a dispersed workforce.

Managing a remote workforce takes more than laptops, smartphones, WiFi, webcams, and expense allowances. It requires the know-how to communicate effectively, maintain a sense of community, cultivate teamwork, and develop relationships built on trust.

By improving your ability to manage remote employees, you will empower yourself in many ways. You will increase your ability to ensure that your team is cohesive and productive. You will know how to avoid costly, time-consuming problems and help your teams and organization meet its goals.

This webinar cover ways to manage a remote workforce.

Participants will learn:

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of remote working relationships for employees, managers, and organizations.
  • Explain the importance of successfully managing offsite employees.
  • Identify the factors and tools that must be in place for a remote employee to be effective.
  • Describe the role that trust and communication play in the success of a remote
  • Employ strategies that help remote employees stay on track and that deal with
  • common problems faced by managers.
  • Follow a set of best practices for successfully managing remote employees.

Who should attend:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • HR personnel
  • Employees who will be working remotely


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