Assessment & Survey Center

Assessment & Survey Center


Assessment & Survey Center

OEC² Solutions Assessment & Survey Center has the capability to manage end-to-end psychometric assessments and 360-degree feedback survey projects. We partner with your internal training, HR, and OD professionals to support your small, medium, or corporate- wide programs.

Assessment & Survey Center Assessment & Survey Center

Psychometric Assessment and 360-Degree Feedback Surveys

The assessment of leaders is critical to an organization’s success. We can help people unlock their full potential by understanding what drives and motivates people, their strengths, and areas for development as it relates to their leadership capabilities and their potential to take on larger, more complex leadership roles in the organization.

Trusted Partner

OEC2 Solutions wants to be your trusted partner for assessment and development. We administer assessments to:


  • Executive We partner with you to assess your internal and external candidates for senior executive positions. We utilize a multi-method approach that combines a customized battery of psychometric instruments; business, functional and leadership competency 360-degree feedback survey and in-depth behavior interviews with key stakeholders. This method provides leadership insight that reveals executive strengths, limitations, and risks.


  • Manager We know that your managers are the cornerstones of your business because good managers create a working environment where employees can succeed. We use psychometric instruments to identify specific preferences, characteristics, behaviors, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills linked to successful leadership.


  • High Potential We realize the value of your high potentials. We know that getting the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right position, is critical to the growth of your organization. We partner with you to help assess and identify leadership potential through a combination of potential, skills, and performance


  • Team We help teams at all levels, from senior executive to virtual teams identify, and measure key factors to support high-performance team development. We utilize a multi-method approach that combines individual and group assessments and team interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the team needs and provide solutions to maximize team performance.


  • OrganizationWe focus on your organization’s need for continuous improvement. We assess at the team, department, and organization levels to gain insight into the current performance of your organization. We want to help you understand your organization’s strengths and barriers to success with the intent to improve organizational performance and effectiveness.


Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct

At OEC2 Solutions, we are committed to upholding high ethical and professional standards when administrating and interpreting psychometrics assessment and 360-degree feedback surveys. Our coaching professionals respect both the individual and the organization’s rights to privacy