Executive Coaching

At OEC² Solutions we coach CEOs, board members, key corporate executives and high-potentials. We know that coaching is an effective way to help people unlock their full potential and maximize business performance.

Our executive coaching approach is tailored to the needs of leaders and aligns to your organization’s talent and business strategies. We partner to understand the type of coaching services that best fits your organization’s needs, and we work collaboratively to ensure those needs and objectives are met.

We provide our client with clear and quantifiable data, so they can implement specific behavioral changes to improve individual, team, and organizational performance. We provide coaching in the following areas:

C-Suite & Boardroom

Executive Development

Executive Career Transition

Succession Planning-High Potential

Expatriate Cross-Cultural  Adaptation

OEC² Solutions Coaching Process

Each coaching engagement is uniquely customized to meet the distinctive needs of each leader. A coaching engagement typically last 6 months or longer in duration. The coaching process consists of six phases:



    • Initial Agreement and Contacting – Assess the individual’s and organization’s current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify business priorities, and establish measurable outcomes.
    • Assessment – Measure current state performance by examining performance data to conduct a baseline profile, administer assessments, and conduct stakeholder interviews.
    • Feedback –Review assessment results; identify individual’s strengths and areas for skill development.
    • Action Planning –Formulate an individualized action plan based on a conversation between the coachee, manager, and coach and provide tools and strategies for achieving desired results.
    • Coaching Intervention – Ongoing coaching, skill development and action plan implementation
    • Measurement – Conduct evaluations (midpoint and final) to measure the effectiveness of the coaching engagement




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