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Extended DISC® is a suite of scientifically validated, online assessments used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Extended DISC is a self-assessment tool that identifies the behavioral style of an individual including their motivators, strengths and development areas. Extended DISC® Model identifies four behavior styles – DISC. 

The DISC model is practical and user-friendly. It creates a common language and a framework to understand ourselves and others better. It is non-judgmental with no good or bad categories.

DISC is an acronym for: 

Types of Extended DISC® Assessments 

OEC² Solutions offers three (3) types of Extended DISC® Assessments: (1) Individual Analysis, (2) Work Pair Analysis and (3) Team Analysis

Extended DISC® Certification – Get Certified Online and On-Site

Extended DISC® Certification Options

OEC² Solutions offers three (3) certification option to fit your needs. 

Certification Types Descriptions HRCI & SHRM Recertification Credits
Virtual Certification Virtual DISC Certification consists of two, 2.5-hour sessions. They are live webinar sessions with an Extended DISC Master Facilitator. 5-Recertification Credit Hours 
On-Site Certification On-Site Certifications- if you have 3 or more facilitators from your organization who want to get Certified, the On-site Certification may be the best option for you. The Certification is tailored to the unique needs of your organization. 7.5- Recertification Credit Hours 
Public Certification Public DISC Certification is a comprehensive and very interactive one-day program. You will experience not only the face-to-face facilitation by the an Extended DISC Master Facilitator but also active interaction with the other participants from other organizations. 7.5-Recertification Credit Hours 

Who Should Attend Extended DISC® Certification Training Workshops:

▪ HR Managers

▪ OD & Learning and Development Managers

▪ Consultants and Coaches

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Earn HRCI and SHRM Recertification Credits

OEC² Solutions Workshops are facilitated by expert practitioners and recognized by the Human Resource Certification Institute ® (HRCI®) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer recertification credits.


Features of Extended DISC


Online Self- Assessment


10-15 minutes completion time


Results available immediately after completion.


Questionnaire translated into 60 languages