Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis

The Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is a tool that can combine two of the Individual Assessment results into one report. It shows the work pair’s dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the work pair, and illustrates how the pair is adjusting their behaviors in the existing work environment. The Assessment divides all of the different behavioral styles into four main styles. These styles are not better or worse. Each of the styles has its advantages and disadvantages.

Extended DISC®   Work- Pair Profiles

The Profiles are a visual representation of your behavioral style. They are based on your

responses to the questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers.

Profile I: Perceived Need to Adjust – Your adjusted style reflects an adjustment that you perceive would help you be successful in your current environment.

Profile II: Natural Style – Your natural style remains fairly stable, but not rigid, over your adult life. It is the style that is most comfortable to you and uses the least energy. Most individuals are a combination of styles.

Interpreting Extended DISC® Work Pair Profiles

Sarah Sample’s natural style is a dominant I-Style, whereas, Stephen’s is a dominant D-Style. Sarah is likely to be more people-focused, social, optimistic, and talkative; but she can also be flighty and disorganized. Stephen prefers to be in charge, is results-focused, direct, and individualistic; but he can also be demanding and impatient. They are both individualistic and prefer to work in fast-paced environments. Also, Sarah’s least comfortable style is D-style, which is Stephen’s most comfortable style. The disparity is likely to cause misunderstanding and conflict.

Work Pair Flexibility Zones

The shadings in the Team Flexibility Zones page demonstrate the behavioral styles that are the most comfortable for the work pair members. The white areas illustrate the areas on the Diamond that require the most energy, effort and concentration from work pair members. The farther from the deepest shade the members move, the more energy is required.

The Work Pair Diamond combines graphical information from the individuals’ Personal Analysis reports. It gives the reader a quick understanding of how similar or different the two individuals are.

Work Pair Analysis Sample Report

Application for Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis:

• Peer- Peer

• Manager-Direct Report

• Coach-Coachee

• Couples

• Athlete-Sport Coach

• Educators-Support Staff

• Conflict Resolution

• Many More