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OEC² Solutions understand that one way in which Executive MBA and traditional MBA programs differ from other advanced degree programs is the focus on leadership and team-based learning. To support the MBA Learning Team process, we offer TEAMPOWER®. TEAMPOWER® is a comprehensive program to help MBA Learning Teams develop the skills to improve relationships and maximize performance. Great teams don’t just happen. Authentic teamwork is built upon commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence – qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time. TEAMPOWER® accelerates the process, helping teams transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Teams emerge from the learning experience with a fresh sense of direction and practical strategies for working together more effectively.

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Certification Requirements

We work with your organization to build and develop internal trainers to conduct TEAMPOWER® in-house. We partner to equip your internal trainers with the facilitation skills necessary to successfully deliver TEAMPOWER®. Once your trainers complete the train-the-trainer workshop, they are TEAMPOWER® certified and able to conduct workshops internally. TEAMPOWER® certification may be completed in one of two ways:
1. Virtual certification via webinar.
2. In-House certification with a facilitator
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Psychometrics for MBAs

OEC² Solutions Solutions offers a varsity of psychometrics assessments for MBA students. We understand the importance of identifying your abilities/skills, interests, and values/motivators to enhance your leadership effectiveness. We offer the following psychometrics assessments for MBA students:

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Executive MBA/MBA Coaching and Feedback Program

OEC² Solutions can support your existing or help design an Executive MBA/MBA Coaching and Feedback Program (ECFP) to support your EMBA/MBA students in developing their leadership potential. ECFP begins with psychometric assessments, multi-rater feedback processes, and one-on-one reviews of the students’ assessments. The coaching program then focuses on key growth areas for success.



Conduct personality and 360-degree multi-rater surveys to gather the individual’s strengths and areas for development



Provide one-on-one coaching based on input from the personality and 360° Assessments and identify strengths and areas for development



Partner with coachee to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP)