High School Students

High School Students

High School Students (Year 11 and 12)

Personality and behavioral assessments are a valuable way for teens, high school students, and young adults to understand themselves and others. We provide in-depth assessments the reveal behavioral styles, strengths, interest, underlying needs, stress behaviors, motivators, development areas, and occupation preferences.  Also, it helps students to choose the right career, major, and college environment that will nurture and help them thrive during their college years. We partner with students, parents, and counselors to create a “best match” between students, major/college/career choices.

Psychometrics for High School Students

OEC2 Solutions offer a varsity of psychometrics assessments for high school students. We understand the importance of identifying your abilities/skills, interests, and values/motivators to enhance your leadership potential. We offer the following psychometric assessments to support college and career exploration

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