Conflict is inevitable! Individual differences lead to conflict. When employees with various backgrounds, cultures, values, perceptions, personalities, behavioral types, work styles, and other differences are brought together in the workplace, conflict is a natural byproduct, but the effects of conflict can be positive and negative. Positive conflict is constructive. Negative conflict is disruptive.

Interpersonal conflict is a conflict that occurs between two or more individuals that work together in teams or groups. When conflict arises, and the impact is negative, if not managed, it can lead to miscommunication, absenteeism, turnover, low morale, distrust, lost productivity, decrease performance, and mental health issues.

Conflict costs money and time! Whether it involves an employee-employee, employee-supervisor, manager-manager, inter-departmental or intra-departmental it can be managed.

Let us help to assess if the current conflict situation requires mediation or conflict resolution coaching.

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