White Privilege

White Privilege is a 2-day, experiential workshop that helps current and emerging leaders identify, talk about, and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences. This workshop explores how white privilege operates and is maintained within a system of inequity.

  • Understand the system of inequity
  • Understand the accumulated advantages for whites and accumulated disadvantages for people of color and their current-day legacy
  • Understand that whiteness is a social construct and why that matters
  • Discuss the different types of white privilege
  • Discuss white privilege and its complicity in racial oppression
  • Learn about how white culture manifests in organizations.
  • Discuss the impact of internalized racism and internalized privilege
  • Understand how narratives reinforce inequity

• Increase awareness of how white privilege operates
• Understand how white privilege operates and is maintained within a system of inequity
• Learn more about how to instigate change in their spheres of influence
• Increase confidence in talking about white privilege
• Advance ability to make a compelling case for addressing white privilege
• Work towards racial equity

The training can be completed in one of four ways:
1. Public Workshop
2. Virtual Workshop
3. On-Site with one of our facilitators
4. Customizable- this workshop can be customized based on the unique needs of your organization. Contact us today at 832-234-4207 for a total-cost proposal based on your specific needs.

2020 White Privilege Training Schedule Coming Soon

Ways to Register

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