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Managing Remote Employees

Staying Connect with a Disperse Workforce

Event Date: 03/31/2020 (1:00 pm CST – 2:00pm CST)

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The workforce is changing rapidly. The coronavirus has turned millions of office workers into remote employees overnight. Companies are sending workers home with laptops to keep COVID-19 from spreading through the company’s workforce. An increasing number of employees work remotely means that employers will need to adjust and learn how to manage a dispersed remote workforce.

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Remote Employees and Teams Behavioral Styles

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Event Date: 04/06/2020 (1:00 pm CST – 2:00pm CST)

Working remotely is a new reality! This creates challenges for employers and employees. Employers’ primary challenge is managing remote workers and sustaining the business. The challenges for employees include struggling with loneliness, managing their time, and communication among team members. What’s more, as schools and colleges shut down across the US, working parents must juggle company and family priorities.

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